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is a project and registered trademark of El Pozo de Vida, a non-profit organization operating in Mexico City that serves victims and survivors of human trafficking. Nunayú offers handmade jewelry, with 100% of the proceeds being used to support survivors and their families.

Inspired by the stories of these women, each piece of jewelry is an expression of victory and a labor of love. Every purchase helps them in their process of rediscovering their true identity.

Nunayú means 'freedom' in the indigenous Mexican language Mixteco, and it is what this project strives to bring the women we have the privilege of serving. We have a collective desire to see women walking in freedom, and ultimately, an end to modern day slavery.


To create a network that offers fair work to female survivors of trafficking, where they can improve their skills and capabilities both professionally and personally and facilitate their inclusion in society.


Women reaching physical, emotional, mental and economical freedom through a job that enhances healing, justice, and dignity, encourages their creative expression, and potentionalizes their skills and habiities. 


  • We go further when we walk together.

  • We recognize our habilities and we use them for common benefit.

  • We celebrate women and recognize our growth.

  • Quality and warmth for all women involved in/with Nunayú.

  • Love and justice depicted in each piece jewely.

  • Empowerment and freedom for all women!

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